The Unsilent Majority’s goal is to expose the ongoing global attack on the truth. Using fact driven think pieces as a way to enlighten the uninformed, speak for those who cannot and spark rational debate.


We are not affiliated with anything, but facts, science, logic, trends and what is truly best for our country, world and humanity as a whole.


Focuses Include:

Fair & Free Elections

The erosion of Democracy from partisan gerrymandering, outside influence, misinformation, to the importance of the Voting Rights Act and how this is the single most important topic today and for our future.

Racial Equality

Uncovering bias at every level, the reasons behind it and ways to improve it.

Women’s Rights

Fighting against the inequality of women; from sexual harassment & workplace discrimination, to the adoption of STEM careers.

LGBTQ Rights

Ending discrimination on the basis of sexuality and gender identification in housing, benefits, healthcare, and all other aspects of American society.

Law Enforcement Reform

Accountable, community-centered law enforcement.

Sustainable Energy

Exposing short-sighted, profit driven policies that endanger the future of our plant as a whole

Universal Healthcare

Discussing fundamental human right healthcare and how the richest country in the world has so much trouble offering it to its people.

Education Reform

Discussing equitable distribution of funding for our public schools and free / affordable college for all qualified students.

Science-Based Policy

Uncovering truth based and data, facts and trends and progress.


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