What Keeps Donald Trump up at Night?

Is it North Korea?

Is it Russia?

Is it the economy?

Is it the media?

To not have to go through everything that doesn’t keep him up at night, I’ll cut to the chase… its staying President.

It’s no secret that he is obsessed with attempting to prove that he rightfully won in 2016, whether pulling out electoral college maps at the oddest times, insinuating 3 million illegal immigrants all voted against him or Tweeting about Hillary 9 mths into office.  It’s also no secret that he’s never stopped campaigning for 2020, holding more rallies than bills hes passed.  Everything he said and done has had ZERO substance behind it other than what’s exactly on the surface…what his base would think.  His “fire and fury” statement was to show them that he isn’t to be messed with, when that backfired, to save face he blamed China, Japan and South Korea for not doing enough.  Then there was repeal and replace… He must have said this 1000 times while on the trail.  When finally in office repeal and replace was the absolute extent of what he had to say about healthcare…no insight, no x’s and o’s, just ‘someone get something in front of me to sign that repeals and replaces ObamaCare.’  When that backfired, what did he do?  Blame Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and eventually John McCain for turning his back on “the base.” He’s already punted Tax Reform to congress as he travels around the country masquerading like he knows how it works, disguising his true intention, which is campaigning for 2020.  If this fails, he will have accomplished ABSOLUTELY NOTHING his first year in office, but steal a Supreme Court Justice seat, (which he should actually be thanking Mitch for) and pardoning a racist sheriff and he’ll once again have someone to blame other than himself… Most likely pivoting back towards a corrupt “obstructionist” government and rigged system, all of which he is soooo against – More red meat for his headline reading base.

Now here he sits again with DACA…  Not a chance knowing anything about it other than his base hates the thought of it.  One day he announces he’s doing away with it and 800,000 Americans have to go, the next he’s punting it to congress to take the heat off of him.  Again, showing his base that on the surface he’s a man that understands them and is trying his best to fight for their misguided ideals.  All the while putting it in Congress’ hands knowing it will fail with blame loaded in both barrels when it does.

You see, this is all one big campaign to the easily demagogued, weak-minded cheap seats – AKA the people that traditionally get out and vote.  As long as he can continue to punt any meaningful decision to congress or his generals and capitalize on gerrymandered county lines, voter suppression and potential 3rd party influences, this walking headline with zero substance will continue down this path of providing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the American people, other than one long campaign rally.

People keep saying that all Trump cares about is how he looks to others and to a point they are right, but in this very important instance in U.S history, all he truly cares about is how he looks to his base, period end of story.




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