How Trump is Exacerbating “The Most Honest Three Minutes in TV History”

Its been no mystery that our country has been losing its place in the world in many areas and its been no mystery that the extreme bipartisanship that has taken place the past 8+ years has been the main cause.  The GOP spent 8 years doing any and everything it could to obstruct anything Barack Obama tried to set in motion.  Now its Donald Trump’s turn to do everything he can to reverse whatever progress was made, restructure, rename it and label it his own.

This ramping up of bipartisanship has forced both sides deeper into their respective corners, dividing the U.S even more as the left and right dig in deeper, with no consensus in sight.  When Trump tweets, he tweets at his opponents on behalf of his fan base, when he speaks he speaks directly to his fan base’s ideals, when he hold rallies, its to (feed his ego) and rile up his fan base, nothing less, nothing more.  He is a leader of a fan club at best and leaning on them as he clumsily traverses through his firs year in office.  Nothing he says, does or portrays unifies us as a nation, it only takes us further down this dangerous path of party over country, which over time is UNSUSTAINABLE.  Take a moment and watch this (again for many) and really think…. is Trump just bad for America, or is he the absolute worst thing for America at this given moment?


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