Donald Trump is everything Americans, The Media and Big Business Wanted

Donald Trump Xenophobia Bigotry Misogyny America

As Trump continues to push his agendas and seek out ANYTHING good, bad, right or absolutely untrue to use as a vessel,  America is being pushed further into their corners…lefter and lefter, righter and righter.  Lets take the shooting today of Congressman Steve Scalice:  In any “normal” presidency of the past there wouldn’t be instant talk of…

“Was he Muslim?”


“Was he black?”


“Ok, Was the Congressman Republican or Democrat?”


“Republican?!  Ok, we need to find out as much as we can about the shooter!”  (AKA was he a Democrat?)

Now let the UFC style “debate” begin on CNN and the slanted conspiracy start spinning on FOX.  Sadly all of the coverage is not to get to the bottom of anything, but to make it as sexy as possible to gain viewers and boost ratings.  Shouting matches on CNN are a plus…the more conspiracy like the stories on FOX are a plus!   Ratings = $$$$$$$

The Vicious Cycle:

  • What drives politicians?  Large corporations and money.
  • What drives the Media?  Ratings and profits.
  • What drives Americans today?  Controversy and the need to feel like the have a purpose.
  • Where do Americans look for answers and guidance?  Politicians and Media!

Money buys power, power frees up those with money to make more, in-turn allowing them to purchase more power, perpetuating a vicious almost unbreakable cycle,  benefiting a very few. Combine this with Americas culture shift, blood thirst, lack of purpose, growing lack of education, the social media, misleading headlines, shortening attention spans and increased access…America is exponentially heading down an incredible, dangerously close to irreversible path.

The Perfect Storm:

Crazy as this sounds…………………….

Trump was exactly what this country wanted (not needed) for all of the wrong reasons.  Obviously hindsight is 20/20, but all of this was written on every proverbial wall around world.  In every paper, 24 hours news channel, social media, blog, Tweet and whatever new platform that gets the least, but most powerful, (potentially wrong) information out to the masses.

  • Wealth inequality is at its highest level ever.
  • Not one politician or banker is in jail for raping hardworking Americans out of BILLIONS of dollars during the housing bubble, yet millions sit in jail today on petty drug charges
  • The Kardashian effect (forgive me).  People’s growing need for controversy, scandal, sex, violence and their ability to access it in milliseconds.

The growing Divide:

  • The far right will continue their quest to suppress voters, embolden big business, control the masses and pillage as much of America to counter what they believe is a socialist revolution.
  • The far left will stand on the head of whats “right” potentially overlooking whats safe to counter what they feel is the infringement of American Values.
  • The far right will feel the need to impose more oppressing policies to counter what they feel is a weakening of America.
  • The far left will fight tooth an nail to keep the internet free and open to any thought / idea, good bad, healthy or evil, to counter what they feel is the controlling of Americans.

My point here is; this is not about Republican or Democrat, this about being driven too far left or too far right, digging in, then completely throwing rationale out the window for emotional idealism…regardless of whats truly right (correct) for America and its future.

What should it look like?

  • Logic states – we are a free state, but the internet has turned into a weapon and needs to have regulation.
  • Logic states – That America is a stronger more knowledgeable, healthier country when it has a greater distribution of wealth.
  • Logic states – that Tobacco, Alcohol, Oil, and Guns kill more Americans than everything in the world combined, including war and if the government truly cared they would regulate it more, but it also makes the most money…
  • Logic states – that the richest country in the world shouldn’t have 17 million people go to bed hungry every night.
  • Logic states – that if we keep charging our youth so much for college, eventually creating a knowledge vacuum…overtime other nations (that ALL have free education) will eventually surpass us in almost every sector, including military development.
  • Logic states – that the richest country in the world should be able to treat its sick without issue or debate.
  • History states – that EVERY major empire has fallen for 2 reasons….greed and or shortsightedness

In Summary:

  1. Our government Republican or Democrat needs big business to win.
  2. Big Business needs government to win.
  3. The United States is rapidly becoming a nation of more…more buying, more debt, more blood, more violence, more sex, more controversy, more need of a purpose.
  4. Social media platforms competing for exponentially shorter and shorter attention spans, needing to grow their profits continue to lower bar of the “information” and how it presented.

Add these together and America is spiraling further and further down a hole we may never be able to climb out of…







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